The Aquabag…Getting to Know One of our Favorite Products

by naturalkidz on September 20, 2010

There’s nothing worse than the dreaded, “Mom I need a drink!” call. When you take the Aquabag on outings, you will never again have to worry about where a safe, healthy drink will come from.

Designed by a San Diego mom, the Aquabag is part purse, part water bottle. It has room to carry all of your essentials including a driver’s license, credit cards, cash, cell phone and keys. The insulated bag carries your water bottle and cinches shut for a tight fit. The Aquabag also features an adjustable, removable strap making it easy to transfer to your stroller, bike, exercise equipment or any other place you might want to hang it.

You can carry this incredibly versatile bag when hiking, going to the gym and to many other outings. You won’t be disappointed with its go anywhere functionality!

Click here to view the three styles of Aquabags now available!

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