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I gave myself an early Valentine’s Day present today. I ignored the unfinished projects that surround me in our new home in New Orleans. Instead of cleaning and sorting, I cut out a pile of pink and red hearts. Next, I mixed an easy batch of paste: one part wheat flour to four parts water, […]

Written by Elizabeth Monaghan   My family is preparing to move from New York City to New Orleans, where my husband, an architect, has nearly completed building us a non-toxic house. The movers are en route with our possessions, and my sons and I will fly there the week before Christmas to begin settling into […]

Written by ElizabethMonaghan As Halloween approaches, I’m haunted by voices from last year’s neighborhood party. “Umm, cute,” other parents said, looking perplexed as my 16-month-old son, William, danced around them. “What’s he supposed to be?” “A ghost,” I insisted, privately acknowledging that he looked like a deranged marshmallow. I’m the world’s least crafty mother, and […]