Kathryn Cloward

I have been reading like crazy this summer so far.  I am being guided to some amazing books to help me along this part of my life’s journey.  One of the books I absorbed in record time was Brene Brown’s, Daring Greatly.  Here is one of the quotes about parenting that I especially enjoyed and […]

This graphic came through my Facebook feed a while ago, and it bothered me.  It wasn’t just the princesses in their flirty poses—the sexy warrior bothered me too.  This article is what came through me as a result.   I am a mother of a son.  The messages that my son is exposed to about […]

I’m thrilled to be one of the speaking at the It Takes a Village to Raise a Child Conference this year.  The event is on May 4th at the Seaside Center for Spiritual Living in Encintas, CA.  There is a wonderful line up of speakers and attendees are definitely going to be inspired, engaged, and […]

The Peanut Free Table

by Kathryn Cloward on November 28, 2012

Do you have a child with a food allergy?   Does your child sit at the peanut-free table at school?  In this blog, Kathryn reflects on her son’s first few weeks of elementary school, and his experience and feelings about sitting at the peanut-free table during lunch. ******* My son just started kindergarten.  I’m so proud […]

A while ago we had the opportunity to meet Sherri Shepherd, and she was excited about the Pit Stop Go Green Lunch Box.  Since she has a son in grade school, this lunch box was a perfect fit for him.  It’s always fun to see people in the public eye enjoying products we stock at […]

In Transition

by Kathryn Cloward on October 24, 2012

Have you ever packed up your house and moved to a new home?  Have you ever experienced those moments of shuffling through the boxes of your life and reliving the layers of your journey one momento at a time?  Natural Kidz founder, Kathryn Cloward, shares about her recent move below.  Perhaps you will resonate with […]

My Five Year Old Teacher

by Kathryn Cloward on January 19, 2012

  The other night I went into my son’s room. It was nearing midnight and I was having a challenging time unwinding to fall asleep. This is new for me as I am normally the exact opposite. I am typically an early riser (crazy early) and early crasher, being in bed ready for coma-level sleep […]

Go-Go Santa

by Kathryn Cloward on December 16, 2011

‘Tis the season for cheer and good will to all. Yesterday my family and I took the afternoon off from work and school (a half ditch day) to decorate our house for Christmas.  It was a rather spontaneous plan and my son was thrilled to have me pick him up from school before nap time, […]

One of my favorite recipes to make lately is from the Blissful Bites cookbook, Macro Macaroni and Cheeze.  It is a dairy-free vegan macaroni and “cheese” recipe.  The base is butternut squash and tofu with some other wonderful ingredients including miso, tamari, and tahini.  The first two times I made the recipe I did not […]

Last year I noticed that my son liked to draw a lot.  He would often sit at his little table in the family room and draw on blank pieces of paper with his crayons.  Last Christmas I got him an art easel from Ikea, and he has spent many hours focused on creating artwork while […]