Kristin Mallon

June.  I love it.  Not just because of the promise it brings of summer, but because ‘tis the season for graduations. Graduation represents the peak in the life of the student. It’s not for everyone and not something that comes easily. There are usually many sleepless nights, early mornings, miles traveled, essays, reviews and exams. […]

Summer Sweets

by KristinMallon on May 7, 2013

I can’t help it.  I’m thinking of summer. And summer is coming, like an ice cream truck’s bell several blocks away. With my senses, I can feel, smell, and taste it already. It’s like when my babe first starts babbling and then suddenly she’s out with “mama” and “dada.” Summer. Warm, hot summer. I’m ready […]

The Protein Sneak

by KristinMallon on April 2, 2013

Let’s face it. If left to their own devices, my kids would be carb addicts.  It’s not just the sweets (which they love), it’s the bread, waffles, crackers… even pasta. If my daughter were the self-reliant, storybook character Pipi Longstocking, she would eat a buttered French baguette for dinner every night. My son would, as […]

Just when I think we are turning the corner on the wintry flu season, our home gets ambushed with boogies and runny noses. With three kids, I sometimes feel that we are never without a cough, some congestion, or the sniffles. This winter we were often on house arrest, missing Christenings, birthdays, and play dates […]

Maternal Guilt

by KristinMallon on January 28, 2013

It starts early. First, you had those mango mojitos in the Bahamas before you knew your were pregnant. You supplemented with formula too early. You let your child ‘cry it out’ after chronic sleep deprivation clouded your better judgment. When your second babe was born you used the TV as an entertainer a little too […]

Written by Kristin Mallon As the holidays descend upon us again (seemly so much more rapidly than last year), I think we all get a sense of how much we have to be thankful for.  This holiday attitude is one that I vow to carry on through out the entire year, but by February, I […]

Written by Kristin Mallon   T-minus 6 hours until a bouncing ladybug followed by a small (yet to be determined) superman inundate my living room with heaps of colorful candy. They’ll categorize, stack and finally count up their loot and see who came up as the transcendental trick-or-treat champion. While I love the lessons my […]

Written by Kristin Mallon   In May, the President’s Advisory Council on Financial Capability launched a new website, called Money As You Grow, which is an easy-to-navigate, graphically pleasing website designed to give parents a guide to educating their kids at home about money and personal finances.   It encourages parents to start with their kids […]