Big things have been happening here at Natural Kidz, the biggest one being: we have a new owner! Below is the article which appeared in the San Diego Examiner on Friday of last week. _________________________________________________________________ Natural Kidz Announces Ownership Change Founder Sells Company to Long-time Employee SAN DIEGO, November 22, 2013—Natural Kidz, providing an online […]

Happy Green Halloween!

by naturalkidz on September 29, 2013

Top Green Halloween Tips Skip the plastic costumes If you’re trying to be the most realistic pirate, superhero, or, um, mustard bottle at this year’s bash, then a cheap, store-bought costume is the way to go—though the hidden dangers and environmental impact should outweigh even the most enthusiastic compliments from other party-goers. Watch out for […]

Our sister company, Kathryn the Grape, has a fundraising program that we thought our Natural Kidz community might be interested in knowing more about. Kathryn the Grape’s fundraising program gives schools 40% of every sale.  That averages $8 per item going right back to your school.  If your school sells 100 items, your school receives […]

Today’s families are so busy.  Finding the time to be healthy is not always easy. Add a picky eater into the mix, and it makes things even more complicated! These seven tools can make being healthy more convenient, fun, and easy. I think of tools like these as investments in my families’ health. And although […]

Natural Kidz blog contributor, Sara Vance from Rebalance Life, shares some tips on how to make healthy food fun.  There are a few segments on this clip, so be sure to keep watching.   Healthy Snack Recipe for Kids at Parties — powered by ehow Tweet

I have been reading like crazy this summer so far.  I am being guided to some amazing books to help me along this part of my life’s journey.  One of the books I absorbed in record time was Brene Brown’s, Daring Greatly.  Here is one of the quotes about parenting that I especially enjoyed and […]

Natural Kidz Gear!

by naturalkidz on July 7, 2013

Have you seen the new Natural Kidz Gear?? We have fourteen different custom made designs that can be printed on reusable water bottles, t-shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, hoodies, mugs, bags, hats, you name it!  Below is a link to each of our specially designed collections: – Expect Miracles – Give Kindness & Love – Gratitude is My Attitude […]

June.  I love it.  Not just because of the promise it brings of summer, but because ‘tis the season for graduations. Graduation represents the peak in the life of the student. It’s not for everyone and not something that comes easily. There are usually many sleepless nights, early mornings, miles traveled, essays, reviews and exams. […]

Summer Sweets

by KristinMallon on May 7, 2013

I can’t help it.  I’m thinking of summer. And summer is coming, like an ice cream truck’s bell several blocks away. With my senses, I can feel, smell, and taste it already. It’s like when my babe first starts babbling and then suddenly she’s out with “mama” and “dada.” Summer. Warm, hot summer. I’m ready […]

This graphic came through my Facebook feed a while ago, and it bothered me.  It wasn’t just the princesses in their flirty poses—the sexy warrior bothered me too.  This article is what came through me as a result.   I am a mother of a son.  The messages that my son is exposed to about […]