As you may know, we carry the Kathryn the Grape Affirmation Series of books and music CDs in our store, created by Natural Kidz founder, Kathryn Cloward.  The gold award winning music CD, BELIEVE Kathryn the Grape Songs for Kids of All Ages, recently received a great review from the founder of Compassion IT, and […]

I’m thrilled to be one of the speaking at the It Takes a Village to Raise a Child Conference this year.  The event is on May 4th at the Seaside Center for Spiritual Living in Encintas, CA.  There is a wonderful line up of speakers and attendees are definitely going to be inspired, engaged, and […]

The Protein Sneak

by KristinMallon on April 2, 2013

Let’s face it. If left to their own devices, my kids would be carb addicts.  It’s not just the sweets (which they love), it’s the bread, waffles, crackers… even pasta. If my daughter were the self-reliant, storybook character Pipi Longstocking, she would eat a buttered French baguette for dinner every night. My son would, as […]

Natural Kidz founder, Kathryn Cloward, who is also the creator of the award winning Kathryn the Grape children’s book series, was recently on the news sharing some self-esteem building tips to help empower children.  She was joined on the segment by Rachel Rainbolt, the founder of Ohana Wellness.  Here is the segment from San Diego […]

Just when I think we are turning the corner on the wintry flu season, our home gets ambushed with boogies and runny noses. With three kids, I sometimes feel that we are never without a cough, some congestion, or the sniffles. This winter we were often on house arrest, missing Christenings, birthdays, and play dates […]

It is no coincidence that our logo is a tree.  We are always growing. Tweet

I gave myself an early Valentine’s Day present today. I ignored the unfinished projects that surround me in our new home in New Orleans. Instead of cleaning and sorting, I cut out a pile of pink and red hearts. Next, I mixed an easy batch of paste: one part wheat flour to four parts water, […]

Every morning when I walk my son into school this is what I see.  This particular morning I was inspired to take a picture so that I will always remember our tender moments of walking and talking together.  Simplicity. Tweet

Maternal Guilt

by KristinMallon on January 28, 2013

It starts early. First, you had those mango mojitos in the Bahamas before you knew your were pregnant. You supplemented with formula too early. You let your child ‘cry it out’ after chronic sleep deprivation clouded your better judgment. When your second babe was born you used the TV as an entertainer a little too […]

The founder of Natural Kidz, Kathryn Cloward, recently shared pieces of her story on the TEDx platform, including how she discovered her purpose and making the choice to step into living my authentic life. Her talk plants seeds of inspiration for the audience, and we hope you gather some wisdom for yourself to apply to […]