Helpful Hints

Happy Green Halloween!

by naturalkidz on September 29, 2013

Top Green Halloween Tips Skip the plastic costumes If you’re trying to be the most realistic pirate, superhero, or, um, mustard bottle at this year’s bash, then a cheap, store-bought costume is the way to go—though the hidden dangers and environmental impact should outweigh even the most enthusiastic compliments from other party-goers. Watch out for […]

Pet-Friendly Ant Problem Solver

by naturalkidz on September 16, 2013

We hoped we missed ant season here in warm San Diego, but it must be that time of year because these past few weeks most of us at Natural Kidz have been fighting off the pesky insects!  We all want to protect our family so we place ant traps or bait in places our children […]

Yosemite the Beautiful.

by naturalkidz on August 30, 2013

The team here at Natural Kidz loves to go camping.  Samantha’s family makes a yearly trek to Yosemite during the summer to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.  She’s going to share some of the things she has learned over the last few years to maybe help you prepare your perfect Yosemite vacation! ______________________________________________________________________________________________ […]

Today’s families are so busy.  Finding the time to be healthy is not always easy. Add a picky eater into the mix, and it makes things even more complicated! These seven tools can make being healthy more convenient, fun, and easy. I think of tools like these as investments in my families’ health. And although […]

Summer Sweets

by KristinMallon on May 7, 2013

I can’t help it.  I’m thinking of summer. And summer is coming, like an ice cream truck’s bell several blocks away. With my senses, I can feel, smell, and taste it already. It’s like when my babe first starts babbling and then suddenly she’s out with “mama” and “dada.” Summer. Warm, hot summer. I’m ready […]

The Protein Sneak

by KristinMallon on April 2, 2013

Let’s face it. If left to their own devices, my kids would be carb addicts.  It’s not just the sweets (which they love), it’s the bread, waffles, crackers… even pasta. If my daughter were the self-reliant, storybook character Pipi Longstocking, she would eat a buttered French baguette for dinner every night. My son would, as […]

Just when I think we are turning the corner on the wintry flu season, our home gets ambushed with boogies and runny noses. With three kids, I sometimes feel that we are never without a cough, some congestion, or the sniffles. This winter we were often on house arrest, missing Christenings, birthdays, and play dates […]

I gave myself an early Valentine’s Day present today. I ignored the unfinished projects that surround me in our new home in New Orleans. Instead of cleaning and sorting, I cut out a pile of pink and red hearts. Next, I mixed an easy batch of paste: one part wheat flour to four parts water, […]

Written by Dr. Gina Caserma There’s no doubt about it – the holiday season is the most challenging on our health. All the family get-togethers, the mall-hopping, and hustle and bustle of shopping decrease our workouts and distracts us from the things that keep us health.  This increases the chances that we’ll make poorer choices […]

Written by Elizabeth Monaghan   My family is preparing to move from New York City to New Orleans, where my husband, an architect, has nearly completed building us a non-toxic house. The movers are en route with our possessions, and my sons and I will fly there the week before Christmas to begin settling into […]