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by naturalkidz on September 22, 2013













Dandelion has come up with an incredible innovation with their feeding items primarily made from corn bioplastic (PLA). That’s right, corn.  They have figured out a way to create a plastic by fermenting the sugar extracted from corn kernels; the same corn found across the US, primarily to feed animals and make artificial sweeteners. All Dandelion products are made from biodegradable, non-toxic ingredients that will break down safely, making them better in the landfill/waste facility environment. (But, because this product is made primarily from corn it will distort and discolor in high temperatures, so you can not use it in the microwave.)

Not only are these bowls a beautiful yellow color, but they are the perfect size, and they have flared tab edges so they are easier for your baby to hold on to. And, the deep sides help keep all the food inside instead of all over the floor! These ReUsable plates are a fantastic kid-friendly and eco-friendly choice, as a substitute for petroleum plastics.

* BPA free
* Toxin free
* Custom designed packaging sleeves are made from 100% recycled paperboard.
* Vegetable ink used in printing the package sleeve.
* Dandelion natural feeding items are ReUsable!

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