Envirosax Animal Planet Panda Kids Bag

by naturalkidz on March 29, 2011

These bags are incredible!! Envirosax has a great line with tons of cute reusable bags for parents, but they also have their Animal Planet line that is specifically for kids! They are perfect for when your kids have to bring home extra library books, or an art project. Best of all, they roll up so small that your kids can keep them in their backpack all the time!

All Envirosaxbags roll up and fasten so small that you can hold them in your hand! They are great to throw in your purse for when you go to the store.  Envirosax bags store easily in your glove box or or you can keep a few in your trunk to cut down on all those plastic bags you get at the store!  They are incredibly durable and can hold up to 40lbs of stuff! That’s almost two grocery bags worth!

Check out the whole line of Envirosax bags here!

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