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by naturalkidz on March 21, 2009

When deciding to start Natural Kidz I knew I needed to include BabyLegs. I am thrilled that BabyLegs now makes an Organic Cotton line of products and Natural Kidz offers the entire line at a terrific price!

When my son was six months old I bought him three pairs of BabyLegs. At first I thought BabyLegs were just another unique and fun clothing option. However I soon discovered all the practical benefits of my son wearing BabyLegs.

Benefits of BabyLegs

#1. Bruise Protectors: My home has tile floors in every room except the bedrooms. When my son started crawling I needed to make sure I covered his knees to help him move around with ease and reduce the bruising our tile floors were creating on his little knees.

#2. Practical for Every Season: BabyLegs are practical all year long. Naturally they are great for the colder months. And they are great in the warmer months too. My son started crawling in the beginning of summer in San Diego and he wore his BabyLegs everyday and did not overheat!

#3. Reduces Diaper Changing Time: Okay this is probably the best benefit of BabyLegs when you have a child in diapers. When he was a baby I chose to put my son in onesies more than shirts. Onesies = snaps! When you are changing a diaper 7-10 times a day and your routine includes multiple steps (take off pants, unsnap onesies, unfasten diaper, wipe, grab new diaper, put on new diaper, re-snap onesie, put pants back on) while your child skirms around you need to develop a stealth regime. Enter BabyLegs!!! I substituted BabyLegs for pants cutting down the routine significantly while my son’s legs remained cozy and warm.

#4. BabyLegs are Ageless: BabyLegs are not just for babies anymore! Kidz of all ages (and yes that includes adults) are wearing this unique product as arm warmers and leg warmers as a trend setting accessory.

BabyLegs is one of our featured Mom Owned Businesses! Nicole Donnelly created BabyLegs to help her daughter’s leg stay warm while diaper free to allow bad rashes to heal. What started out as a practical solution has turned into a global company. Nicole is a “rashes to riches” story!

Check out the entire line of ORGANIC COTTON BabyLegs here!

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Caroline March 21, 2009 at 5:07 pm

Great points! I wish I had known about these when my two were babies!

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