Kids For Saving Earth

by naturalkidz on October 12, 2009


Natural Kidz enjoys sharing stories about young people doing great things in their community. We were introduced to Kids For Saving Earth and are so excited about their mission. Kids For Saving Earth’s goal is to inspire and empower all children to help protect the Earth’s environment!

clinton hill
Clinton Hill, Creator of Kids For Saving Earth

Kids For Saving Earth was created by an 11 year old boy named Clinton Hill, who’s life was taken at that same age. His goal was to create a club dedicated to peaceful, earth-saving actions. Clints mother, Tessa, set out to fulfill her sons goals and aspirations. Being a teacher herself, Tessa knew that the easiest and most efficient way to educate and inspire children was through interesting teachers and parents. Kids For Saving Earth has supplied “Education Into Actions” curriculum to thousands of teachers and educators since 1989. Because of Kids For Saving Eath there are hundreds of thousands of people, of all ages, working together to protect the Earth. The kids from KSE have done all sorts of things to help inspire people all around the world. For example, these kids have given speeches, rode on a KSE float in the President Bill Clinton’s inaugural parade, and even influenced the environmental legislation.

Click HERE to find out more about what Kids For Saving Earth are doing and how you can be apart of their mission to inspire and empower all children to help protect the Earth’s environment!

Source: Kids For Saving Earth

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