Let’s Make A Birdhouse

by naturalkidz on February 16, 2012

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Attention parents (or fellow crafters)!

Need something to do with your kids this weekend? Look no further! Sophie recently made a birdhouse.

The first step (other than being goofy), was covering a half-gallon milk container with brown construction paper. (We used Trader Joe’s bags.) This is where the moms get involved.

Then it was on to decorating the houses. Sophie decorated with stickers and pens.

Before finishing up, we added a string (or use ribbon) to the top to hang the house. And stick a few popcycle sticks from the container for the birds to perch on.

Sophie keeps looking outside for birds. She doesn’t understanding why they’re not flocking to her house. I told her we’ll have to put some peanut butter on the stick. Or cream cheese, she said. Apparently birds prefer cream cheese.

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