Pet-Friendly Ant Problem Solver

by naturalkidz on September 16, 2013

We hoped we missed ant season here in warm San Diego, but it must be that time of year because these past few weeks most of us at Natural Kidz have been fighting off the pesky insects!  We all want to protect our family so we place ant traps or bait in places our children can’t reach and are careful with which chemicals or sprays we use and where we use them.  Have you ever thought about the impact these things might have on your furry children though?  Samantha wanted to find a way to keep her puppy safe while eliminating the ants from her space, and all she had to do was look under the bathroom sink (or in the nursery!)

My dog is my right hand woman and my favorite furry person.  I rescued her 3 years ago as a puppy from the San Diego Humane Society and was told she would be a 60-90 lb German Shepherd, but she turned out to be a 35 lb mix of probably some sort of shepherd and corgi.  Seriously.  Of all the mixes!  But her temperament is wonderful and she is my beautiful little Marley.  168065_484796150107_5397958_n

That’s my girl.  She is a people-dog and loves to be right where you are, which as a college student who largely works from home, is often my bedroom.  And that happens to be where the ants are coming into the house.  Awesome.

I didn’t know how I was going to get a handle on the problem, and something didn’t feel right to me about spraying Raid all over my bedroom because of the health problems it might pose to not only me, but my puppy who lays up against those walls and pushes her toys against them which then go into her mouth.  Then I remembered a friend telling me he used to draw a circle with white chalk or baby powder around his outdoor cat’s food to keep ants from eating it.  I did a bit of Googling, and found out baby powder and chalk both have talcum powder which naturally repels ants! Perfect! If it’s safe to use on my baby (and me, because baby powder as a dry shampoo substitute saved me throughout high school!) then it’s safe to use around my furry baby.  So I went around the outside of my house with the container of baby powder and sprinkled the corner around my bedroom, then came inside and saw which space in my baseboards they were coming through and hit that with some baby powder too; and then I waited to see if I had just made a huge mess or a wonderful solution!

Fast forward to today and I am proud to say I am ant free! I vacuumed up the baby powder after a few days because it was shifting around and making my floors dusty, but then sprinkled some more and it’s still working like a charm!  I love that I have found this out and can use it every year!

Here’s to a happy school year and an ant-free home!



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