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Green Toys Chef Set

by naturalkidz on April 26, 2011

At Natural Kidz, we sincerely believe that it is incredibly important for kids to “play house” and exercise their imaginations! A great way to help your child do this is to give them the Green Toys Chef Set! With the Green Toys Chef Set, your child can pretend to cook with you in the kitchen, which […]

Green Toys Tea Set

by naturalkidz on March 15, 2011

Your kids will want to play tea party all day long with the Green Toys Tea Set! Made from recycled milk containers, this tea set takes “green tea” to a whole new level!!  The 17 piece set includes a teapot with lid, 4 tea cups, 4 saucers and 4 spoons, along with a sugar container […]

The ShainsWare 60 Element Kit with Blue Hawaiian Bracelet makes a great gift for any kid! These stylish bracelets allow your kids to be trendy and show their individualism!! These bracelets are made from recycled and recyclable parts, and everything Shains produces is certified lead free and is designed with interchangeable icons and letters. Shains […]

The Green Toys Tool Set makes a great addition to any toy chest this holiday season! This 15 piece tool set includes a tool box, Phillips screwdriver, flat screwdriver, hammer, saw, wrench, pliers, 2 two-hole connectors, 2 nails, 2 bolts, and 2 nuts.  What little helper wouldn’t love to get to work with this great […]

The Kidzsack is a wonderful new addition to the Natural Kidz family. These ingenious bags are a mom’s best friend on a rainy day and a kid’s go-anywhere best friend!  Fun designs allow your kidz to color their own bag and customize it to fit their style!  They can carry it everywhere they go and […]

Because summer days can seem long and in need of entertainment, Natural Kidz offers a couple of fun alternatives for you. Keep your little ones engaged and learning with Earthwise Kids, three beautifully illustrated, award winning books. Each story brings home a different message about the importance of preserving the earth and it’s inhabitants. The […]

Green Toys Blocks

by naturalkidz on May 18, 2010

Natural Kidz just received into inventory the all new Green Toys™ Blocks! Green Toys™ Blocks are the world’s most environmentally friendly basic building set. All 18 boldly colored blocks are oversized and lightweight, making it super easy for tiny hands to stack and unstack. This unique block set includes a variety of shapes for building […]

Milk it does a body good, right? Well, apparently milk is doing our environment good too! A California company is taking our healthy milk consumption one step further by making toys from recycled milk jugs! Natural Kidz is thrilled to offer the complete line of Green Toys including the two newest toys available from the […]

Green Toys Tea Set

by naturalkidz on November 30, 2009

Green Toys are the perfect holiday gift to give this holiday season! Little kidz love playing tea party and this Green Toys Tea Set will provide countless hours of imaginative play. If you are looking for an eco-friendly toy to give to your favorite little host or hostess, look no further than the Green Toys […]