mommy moments

Contributor, Alexis Ahrens from Taking The Lid Off The Sun I’ve written before about the positive impact I have on my family when I simply remember to take care of myself. It’s so true and yet so easy to forget that I am the center of my family’s world, and if I’m not centered, everyone […]

Fun at the Community Pool

by Kathryn Cloward on September 3, 2009

My son’s school is closed for a few days this week to allow teachers an opportunity to clean and prepare for the new school year. I lined up some activities for us to do with friends. Yesterday we went to a local community pool that I had not been to before. We had the best […]

Preschool Progress

by Kathryn Cloward on August 28, 2009

My son has been attending the summer fun program at his new preschool for the past five weeks. He attends three days per week and although he has been doing well once he is at school, the drop off routine in the morning has been extremely challenging. I imagine there are countless moms who can […]

Last weekend I had the opportunity to go on a much needed contemplative retreat with three women I have shared spiritual formation space with for the past four years. I was really looking forward to getting away. I had no expectations for the weekend other than being still and letting things flow. As a group […]

My son is an energetic and active child, which is not entirely surprising to anyone who knows me or my son’s dad. Through trial and error I have come to know that it is important to make informed decisions when organizing play dates for my son. Coming to this realization took me a bit of […]

Say Cheese

by Kathryn Cloward on July 1, 2009

After losing a brand new digital camera less than a month after purchasing it, I went on a sabbatical from taking photos of my son. Now that my cool down period is complete, I have a new less expensive camera and I am back to documenting my son’s life through a digital camera lense. The […]