Reusable Bags

Accessorize your kidz lunch boxes with LunchSkins!  A better, eco friendly alternative to plastic bags, LunchSkins are a practical waste-free option for families who are always on the go! Natural Kidz is pleased to offer 30 different designs of Lunchskins, one of which is sure to please your child!  LunchSkins are perfect for sandwiches, but […]

Earth Day 2011: Celebrate the Earth – Celebrate Life We all love to get outdoors and back to nature. But there are so many ways we can celebrate our love of nature and the Earth each and every day. This Earth Day, here are some simple ways you can celebrate your love for Mother Earth! Walk to school, […]

These bags are incredible!! Envirosax has a great line with tons of cute reusable bags for parents, but they also have their Animal Planet line that is specifically for kids! They are perfect for when your kids have to bring home extra library books, or an art project. Best of all, they roll up so small that […]

Think outside the (plastic) bag! Natural Kidz is pleased to offer 30 different designs of Lunchskins as a practical waste-free option for families on the go.  Lunchskins are perfect for sandwiches and snacks, and can also be used for messy cosmetics, dog treats, pacifiers, toys and crayons. Lunchskins come in a variety of colors and […]

The Kidzsack is a wonderful new addition to the Natural Kidz family. These ingenious bags are a mom’s best friend on a rainy day and a kid’s go-anywhere best friend!  Fun designs allow your kidz to color their own bag and customize it to fit their style!  They can carry it everywhere they go and […]

Another great idea from a talented Mom is the Wrap-N-Mat. Along the lines of the SnackTAXI we recently shared with you, Wrap-N-Mat goes just one step further. Yes, you can wrap your sandwich or snack, but when you open this inspired product- no more messes, no need to set food directly on a surface you’re […]

While it’s not officially summer, we at NaturalKidz realize that you are most likely in the midst of planning summer camps, day camps, family vacations or just a trip to the beach. We have just the products to simplify your summer! Looking for an alternative to plastic baggies that makes sense while being budget friendly? […]

The Natural Kidz team, being so family oriented, values suppliers who operate in the same way. Owner Kathryn Cloward, is a mom and busy entrepreneur who encourages the concept of supporting other family owned companies so each of us can grow and thrive. That being said, we’d like to introduce a new product from one […]

What’s in a bag?

by naturalkidz on May 3, 2010

From New York to Sydney and everywhere in between, people are carrying reusable bags. Not surprisingly, large corporations and retailers have jumped on the bandwagon, offering cheap or free reusable shopping bags as a badge of being green. Unfortunately, these cheap reusable shopping bags are often more of a marketing ploy than a great choice […]

Envirosax Kids Series

by naturalkidz on January 28, 2010

We absolutely LOVE the Kid’s Series of Envirosax and think you will too. The Kid’s Series of bags are slightly smaller in size than the rest of the bags Envirosax makes yet still large enough for your child to carry plenty of cool stuff. Envirosax are lightweight, portable, and waterproof. Made of durable, waterproof, lightweight […]