reusable bottles

Klean Kanteen re-usable water bottles are one of the hottest re-usable bottles on the market! Re-usable bottles are so helpful, not only to you, but to the earth also! Just fill them up and stick ’em in the refrigerator, and you’ve got ice cold water any time you need it! Everyone here at Natural Kidz has […]

Earthlust’s bottles are an amazing way to be eco-chic!! Their fun, trendy, eclectic styles are a great way to show your individuality while being eco-conscious.  At Natural Kidz, we carry over 10 different designs and sizes of these bottles! Every Earthlust bottle is made from a custom mold, and some of the designs were made by the […]

For your New Year’s Resolution, did you make a promise to yourself to get healthier? If you are making wiser choices about what you eat and drink, that means you know drinking more WATER is key! We offer a wide selection of reusable water bottles for every member of the family. Check out our wide […]

Whether heading to the beach or preparing for back-to-school, the Kleen Kanteen 12oz is perfect for you and the kids. Smaller, lightweight and more portable, it fits easily into a purse, backpack or lunchbox. On SALE now, Natural Kidz is featuring four of the original Klean Kanteen colors, each with the new and improved faster […]

You may remember Natural Kidz recently posted information about Klean Kanteen’s Sport Cap 2.0 recall. When the recall was announced, we immediately took action and started the necessary process of replacing our existing inventory of Klean Kanteen bottles with the new and improved Sport Cap 2.0. We are pleased to announce we just received the […]

Bottle Slinger Totes

by naturalkidz on April 30, 2009

We just received four colors of Built NY Bottle Slingers. The Bottle Slingers are a great compliment to your reusable water bottle and helps to keep your beverage insulated longer. Built NY Bottle Slinger Features: You and your kidz are always on the go, and the Bottle Slinger is ready to go with you. Easily […]

We have received a lot of interest in the Earthlust bottles and are happy to annouce the bottles have arrived! Natural Kidz is stocked with 15 bottle designs to choose from. Earthlust bottles are one of the most unique brands of stainless steel bottles on the market with custom designed bottles available in 13oz, 20oz […]

We just received more inventory of the popular Klean Kanteen bottles! You can now order loop capped 18oz and 27oz bottles in Pink Renewal, Ocean Blue, Green Moss. We also received 18oz and 27oz silver bottles with sports caps. Check out the entire line of Klean Kanteen bottles here! Tweet