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Don’t miss this week’s product spotlight the Klean Kanteen 12oz stainless steel bottles with sippy cap. They are BPA Free and come with an adapter and 2 sippy spouts. The adapter works with Avent’s patented sippy cup spout.  They are dishwasher safe and ideal for busy moms and babies! Choose your favorite of the 6 […]

We are so excited to welcome the Tazzini Stainless Steel Bottles to the Natural Kidz family of products.  We met the founder of Tazzini at the Moms in Business Unite Conference in September of this year.  She wowed us with her energy, excitement and top quality product!  She created the Tazzini bottles because she had […]

The movie Tapped is an in depth look at the bottled water industry and its affect on our communities, society and environment.  This documentary, from the producers of Who Killed the Electric Car and I.O.U.S.A., provides us all with a  never before seen examination of how the everyday water bottle has a deep, lasting impact […]

Looking to minimize your impact on the environment?  One of the easiest ways is to get a reusable water bottle.  One of the finest reusable water bottles on the market today is the Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel water bottle. This Week’s Product Spotlight highlights the Klean Kanteen 27 oz Reusable Water Bottle with Sport Cap! […]

There’s nothing worse than the dreaded, “Mom I need a drink!” call. When you take the Aquabag on outings, you will never again have to worry about where a safe, healthy drink will come from. Designed by a San Diego mom, the Aquabag is part purse, part water bottle. It has room to carry all […]