Tired of all the Halloween Treats? Invite the Switch Witch!

by SaraVance on November 2, 2012

Written by Sara Vance


The Halloween decorations and costumes are all put away and the Jack O’ Lanterns are gone. It is time to gear up for our next holiday – Thanksgiving.  But since most kids come home from trick or treating with pounds of it, the Halloween candy is likely still lingering.

The thing about candy and sugar is, the more you eat, the more you want.  So once kids get started on the Halloween candy, it is hard to stop.  Kids today already get too much sugar in their daily diets, they don’t need a bucket of candy on top of it all.   All the empty calories and artificial coloring in candy can contribute to tooth decay, weight gain, mood swings, focus issues, and there is some evidence to show that diets high in sugar also can lead to heart disease and reduced immunity – not what kids need right in the middle of cold and flu season. According to Dr. Sears, “the immune-suppressing effect of sugar starts less than thirty minutes after ingestion and may last for five hours.”


But short of banning trick or treating altogether or confiscating their candy – what is a loving and healthy parent to do? Invite the Switch Witch to come for a visit a few days after Halloween!


The Switch Witch is a good witch that trades candy for a toy, kind of like the tooth fairy of Halloween.  She even suggests that the kids pick a few choice ones to keep, and then leave the rest outside their door before they go to sleep.  She swoops down on her broom and leaves a toy in place of the candy!  So the kids end up looking forward to their surprise, not lamenting over the missing candy.

A friend of mine told me the Switch Witch fable 4 years ago, and I was hooked!  I loved the Switch Witch tale so much, that I decided that kids should know why the Switch Witch does this, and who she is.  So I decided to write the book: Serena the Switch Witch, a fun eBook about a little witch named Serena and how she came to be known “The Switch Witch.”  Try reading Serena the Switch Witch to your kids this Halloween, and see if they would like her to pay them a visit!  Available on Lulu.com for just $1.99!


Want to learn more about the harmful effects of sugar on our kids?


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