Waste-Free Lunch Kit

by naturalkidz on May 4, 2009

Natural Kidz is pleased to offer another fantastic waste-free lunch bag option.

We aer now offering the Kids Konserve Waster Free Lunch Kits.

There are three unique designs to choose from: Signature, Butterfly or Caterpillar.

Kids Konserve Signature Waste-Free Lunch Kit Includes:

– 16oz Stainless steel beverage bottle
– 2 – 8 ounce 304 grade stainless steel containers with leak proof plastic lids
– Food Kozy™ – reusable baggie for sandwiches, cheese, cut apples and more
– 100% cotton cloth napkin
– Recycled aluminum name tag
– Recycled cotton lunch sack

About Kids Konserve:

Kids Konserve was started by two entrepreneurial moms who saw an immediate need to reduce needless waste and were inspired to create a waste-free lunch kit and other reusable products. The Kids Konserve footprint shaped logo shows that you are making a conscious effort to lighten your footprint and impact on our earth by choosing to reuse.

Kids Konserve products are reusable, waste-free and money saving. No more plastic baggies, foil, plastic water bottles or juice boxes. Remove all of those individually wrapped products from your shopping list for good! No more buying items that cost money and end up going from the trashcan to our landfills and oceans. The average child creates 67 pounds of lunchtime trash each year; don’t let your child be one of them! Empower your child to be the voice of change with purchasing a Kids Konserve waste-free lunch kit and other kool reusable products.

Find out more about Kids Konserve products on Natural Kidz here!

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